About this project

‘Or Whatever You Call It’ is a series of workshops about how Quakers name and talk about God, the Light, the Inward Christ, the Buddha, the Lord… or whatever you call it.

Run by Rhiannon Grant, the workshops arise from her PhD research into British Quakers today and their uses of religious language. The workshops are interactive, exploratory, and empowering, asking Friends to think about how they use words, how they react to the terms which others use, and to participate in a process of deepening sharing around these topics. The theological and philosophical material is presented in an accessible way and related to real examples and experiences.

This website gives information about the workshops – what to expect, how to book, and what the event might be like – and about the research itself.

If you are interested in having a workshop for your meeting, these are now available through Woodbrooke on the Road. There has been a huge amount of interest in this work and dates book up fast, so plan well in advance. For more details, please contact Woodbrooke’s Administration team on 0121 472 5171, or email enquiries@woodbrooke.org.uk

Updates about related courses on-site at Woodbrooke and spaces for Woodbrooke on the Road events will be shared through the Or Whatever You Call It Facebook page: please follow the project there or email orwhateveryoucallit@gmail.com for the latest information.


2 thoughts on “About this project

  1. Maggie Cartridge

    Please can Exeter Meeting get on your list of interested meetings able to offer time and space etc. for later this year. We can then take a plan to next Business Meeting

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